The Nahant Historical Society was founded in 1975 because of our community’s vital need to collect, preserve and interpret the history of Nahant and its people. The Society continues to work with the ever-expanding collections to give better museum storage and provide access.




Nahant celebrates the anonymous restored gift of the Lowland Buddha, a Jizo Bosatsu. This work of art once graced the famous gate of the 1867 estate of George Abbot James and his wife Elizabeth “Lily” Lodge on East Point in Nahant.



The Society has on display many beautiful 19th century oil and watercolor paintings and etchings. Most notably are the William Huston ‘Bass Beach, Nahant’ 1880 and the Jonathan Mason’s ‘Castle Rock and East Point, Nahant from Mifflin Place’ 1832. Also on display are more recent works by Nahant artists Pete Rogers, Carolyn Jundzillo Comer, and Norman Laliberte.



Learn the story behind this intricate large plank-on-frame ship model, a recreated “Tall Ship” in miniature. Find out about Winthrop Taylor Hodges, the man who spent ten years building this ship in model form based on a youthful memory. See rare photographs of the ocean-going Sarah, upon which he sailed in 1887.

Nahant On The Rocks, Lowell Room Gallery


Our first full exhibition, entitled Nahant on the Rocks, This is an interactive exhibit showing the history of Nahant from its early days as grazing land for Lynn livestock, through its days as a fishing community, its heyday as the Summer resort community for Boston’s wealthy, as well as featuring literary and scientific notables and artists. Please come in for a visit - admission is free!


Research At The Historical Society


The Nahant Historical Society maintains its collections, a research library and archives to preserve and share the history of the town of Nahant. The Hodges Room library has over one thousand volumes. These consist of Nahant’s history with some of Lynn, Boston and New England. In addition there are sections on maritime history, decorative arts and biographies of people associated with Nahant and American history. Material does not circulate but photocopying is available at the discretion of the Society’s staff. All photocopies, digital reproductions, and prints are provided at the discretion of the Society. We reserve the right to refuse any request. Reproductions are for research and study purposes only, unless written permission to publish is granted by the Society.

Download the Research Policy Guidelines and Request Form (pdf) 


Admission to the library is free. You may do your own research without fee after signing in. Staff will assist you with access to library volumes, archive files and object collections. 

The Library is open each Wednesday and Thursday, 1PM - 4PM; and Saturday from 10AM - 4PM, except holidays.

Research by Telephone or Email
We are happy to answer inquiries about the collections and general questions, such as when was Nahant first settled or incorporated. For these kinds of questions, contact us at (781) 581-2727 or email us at For more in-depth questions, please do so in writing.

Research by Mail
General inquiries about our holdings and ready reference questions will be answered free of charge. Regarding more in-depth questions, there is no hourly fee charged for members. Fee charged to non-members is $5 per hour initially, with any further charges depending on the research requested.