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Nahant: The Painted Shores

Come; enjoy a feast for the eyes along Nahantís painted shores!

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Nahant: the Painted Shores runs special hours between July 8-31st in the Serenity Room at the Nahant Community Center at 41 Valley Road, Nahant, Massachusetts. Please see our calendar for our open hours. Nahant: the Painted Shores will be accessible during our open hours for the entire month of July, 2005.

Our picturesque town has been the subject of artists for well over two hundred years. This unique exhibition will feature works of art in oil of the Nahant coast from the period 1800–1950, borrowed from public and private collections and never before exhibited together. In fact, the majority of privately held paintings have never been on public view before. A first-of-its-kind community exhibition, along with a commemorative catalogue, is being produced in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Nahant Historical Society. This is a delightful and rare retrospective that you will not want to miss.